What Others Say

Since 1980, Infraspection Institute has trained thousands of thermographers worldwide. Our list of satisfied clients includes some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies as well as dozens of small and mid-sized companies.

Our grads constantly tell us that we have the industry’s most comprehensive training courses. This is especially flattering when they tell us that they have attended other courses and were exposed to only a fraction of what we teach in our classes. Here is what some of our grads tell us about our courses:

  • “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. You, and the staff of Infraspection have created a truly excellent program. The lessons taught through lecture provided me with invaluable information that was reinforced in each workshop. Thanks to you and your team for creating such a great curriculum.”

    ~ Jordan Gleaton
    Westinghouse Electric Company
    Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility
    Columbia, SC

  • “I think this is an outstanding class (Distance Learning Level I). The information is presented in an easy-to-understand format and with clarity. The class has helped me to put together an IR predictive maintenance program. I highly recommend this class to individuals entering this field.”

    ~ Laura J. Benbrooks,

  • “This is the best course (Distance Learning Level I) that I’ve ever taken. This course is very interesting and the questions at the end of each section are great. The course kept my interest all the way to the end. As a matter of fact, I went back through it again, just to review the questions. It’s a very good course and very informative, in an easy-to-understand format.”

    ~ Eliseo Guevara,

  • “Infraspection helped me realize the importance of the certification process to provide quality training and a thorough understanding of thermography. I don’t feel I could have received better training anywhere else.”

    ~ Greg Carl,
    ConAgra Foods

  • “This class was intensive and detailed and worth every minute of it. I cannot imagine a class being more thorough or professional. Thank you!”

    ~ John Geitz,
    Risk Assessment Services

  • “Excellent course to set up and manage a program for thermography! Just what an infrared training course should be.”

    ~ John Czaczkowski,
    Merck & Co., Inc.

  • “This class was informative, goal oriented, and presented in an efficient manner. Well worth the time and cost . . . World class training!”

    ~ John Czaczkowski,

  • “The information in this class is amazing. If you want a class that will give you a good understanding of IR technology, this is the class.”

    ~ Lori Smith,
    Marietta Power

  • “Good course with excellent training aids and a sales pressure-free presentation.”

    ~ Andy Velo,
    ISP Chemicals

  • “One of the most informative classes I have attended while working at Intel for 17 years!”

    ~ Jerry Koler,
    Intel Corporation

  • “This course exceeded my expectations. Very detailed and thorough. Course was very helpful and gave me a better understanding of infrared. Great course!”

    ~ Jerry Zajac,
    Detroit Edison

  • “This is a serious course, not a sales presentation. This course will prepare you as a thermographer.”

    ~ Mark Mader,
    Shermco Industries

  • “This course was thorough, well presented and theory was explained in basic terms. Our instructor was very competent and could share real world application of the information.”

    ~ Joshua Hendrix,
    Per Plan Per Specs

  • “A very useful course that gives real credibility to an infrared program and is the best of all other courses I have reviewed.”

    ~ Richard Saint Aubyn Johnson,
    Jamaica Public Service Company

  • “This course is an eye opener for the novice as well as the experienced. There are so many variables in this industry and this course puts most things in perspective.”

    ~ Craig Oliver,
    US Navy

  • ”Treat this course as mandatory for those employees operating cameras and obtaining images. Don’t attempt in-house training or certification.”

    ~ Ed Cavey,
    Detroit Edison

  • “Great people with an excellent understanding of the material and a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.”

    ~ Howard Myers,
    CE Whitaker, LLC

  • “The course is complete, thorough and economical for the amount of material presented.”

    ~ Jerry Devine,
    Philadelphia Inquirer

  • “This course is going to completely change the way I do my job. Heavy industry predictive maintenance was a struggle. With the tools we picked up from this class, that struggle should diminish greatly. We will expect to greatly lower our unexpected failures. Thanks!”

    ~ Dennis Somerder,
    Kennecott Energy

  • “Definitely worth the trip. All material was presented and explained in an easy to understand manner. Really feel like I will be able to use new knowledge to make me a better thermographer.”

    ~ Keith Beres,
    Invizions, Ltd.

  • “A must attend course. A small price for knowledge to use very expensive equipment.”

    ~ Michael Mason,
    Dominion Virginia Power

  • “A lot of information presented that will be put in use from day 1 on the work site. It is presented in a way that makes it fun to learn.”

    ~ Nick Cerasi,
    Camden County MUA

  • “This is an extremely well put together course. The instructor was well informed and presented the material in a useful and understandable way.”

    ~ Nick Cerasi,
    Camden County MUA

  • “The course is good and solid. I would recommend it to anyone wanting further training.”

    ~ Gary Ray,
    Intel Corporation

  • “If you would like to be the best taught by the best, take this course.”

    ~ Mike Rickard,
    Truland Service

  • “Great clarity of presentation – taught extremely well. You won’t get bored. You will have fun while learning. Opens many avenues you weren’t aware of.”

    ~ Hal McElroy,
    Insulating Coatings Corporation

  • “The course is very informative. Infraspection Institute upholds a very high level of professionalism. I will certainly recommend the course.”

    ~ Casey Curry,
    George Butler Associates, Inc.

  • “Attending this course will take you from surviving to excelling.”

    ~ Steve Brown,
    Sun Chemical Company

  • “Definitely worth taking. Infraspection Institute course provided a lot of valuable information in a clear, organized format.”

    ~ Matt Gross,
    CE Whitaker

  • “If you want to learn from the best, forget about the rest, attend II”

    ~ Michael Janczewski,

  • “It is informative, presents much technical and practical application to the use of IR equipment and how to understand the data.”

    ~ David Horne,
    Dominion Virginia Power

  • “The course was objective and unbiased in regard to equipment and systems; it wasn’t a sales pitch. The information was practical to our application and was as concise as possible.”

    ~ David Millam,
    Missouri Public Service

  • “This course provides excellent insight into how to best use IR in the course of PM. The techniques presented in performing IR inspections are practical, understandable and effective.”

    ~ Robert Phillips,
    Florida Power Corp.

  • “This course is excellent, and I wish I had taken it when I first started. It should be a requirement with the purchase of a scanner.”

    ~ Don Guenette,
    Infratech Consulting Analysis, Inc.

  • “Training and certifying our operators at the Institute gives us the assurance of consistency in our inspections and an edge on the competition.”

    ~ Gene Schultz,
    Thermoscan, Inc.

  • “It took us less than 3 months to recover not only our initial investment in infrared equipment, but the technician’s salary as well.”

    ~ Keith Hill,
    Lyondell Petrochemical

  • “A very valuable course. On a million dollar roof, it doesn’t take long to pay for.”

    ~ Clarence Sumner, Jr.,

  • “The Level-II course helped me to appreciate that all my previous temperature measurements were flawed. It helps your confidence and credibility to be able to state without reservation that your temperature measurements are correct.”

    ~ Charlie Jones,
    General Motors

  • “The Level-II course is an excellent source of information on proper techniques for using IR cameras, and for interpreting IR readings. It educates one to the limitations and errors associated with IR technology.”

    ~ Venus Newton,
    Chubb Insurance Company

  • “I have taken all three levels of courses. I was impressed and will recommend these courses to Amoco inspectors and maintenance people. I am also impressed with your follow-up support.”

    ~ John Nyholt,
    Amoco Research Center

  • “This course is the point needed to complete the instruction of infrared. It finally completes the learning circle at Infraspection Institute. I’m glad I was a part of this historic first class.”

    ~ John Fehlberg,
    Advanced Thermal Systems

  • “One-of-a-kind training such as this is not available elsewhere. Years and years of work, research, and hands-on have put together a viable educational package worth every cent!”

    ~ Ken Overstreet,
    Lockheed Martin

  • “This course covered areas that most people do not even consider, or give thought to. It makes you take a hard look at where you are going and where you want to be with your program.”

    ~ Craig Shepherd,
    Commonwealth Edison

  • “This course contains more useful information than any seminar I have attended. We will alter the way we manage our business as a result of information obtained in this course.”

    ~ Don Rainey,
    Kimberly Clark Corp.

  • “After the course, I presented management with a conservative cost avoidance for a 6-month period that exceeded $880,000.”

    ~ Bill Schafer,
    National Starch & Chemical

  • “This is probably the best course to obtain theoretical and practical summary of current infrared technology without the sales pitch.”

    ~ Mark Kluka,
    Detroit Edison

  • “Infraspection Institute truly is concerned with the training, certification and support of thermographers and proves it through their training courses and Symposium [IR/INFO].”

    ~Bill Evans,
    Eli Lilly and Company

  • “I have been through training courses for almost every area of NDT and this course was the best I’ve ever taken. The staff is professional, well informed and well prepared. They’ve done their homework and present information in a most practical manner. A “must take” course for anybody in the business.”

    ~ Carl Gustafson,
    Amoco Oil Company

  • “I feel like the instructors made the training so easy to understand. It was like carrying on a conversation.”

    ~Barry Deaton,
    Nissan Motor Corp.

  • “All practicing thermographers need to attend IR/INFO. It is a valuable training session and you will always learn something new. Our employers can’t afford not to send us.”

    ~ Craig Shephard,
    Commonwealth Edison

  • “I was sent here with the instructions that if I did not learn something I didn’t already know after 5 years of hands-on thermography, that Alabama Power would request a refund as stated in the brochure. I can assure you that won’t happen.”

    ~ Danny Bates,
    Alabama Power

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