Exception® Pro Software


For nearly twenty years Exception® software has been a valuable resource for thermographers worldwide and an important chapter in the history of Infraspection Institute; however, that chapter is now closed.

Due to changes in technology beyond our control, Infraspection will no longer distribute any version of Exception® software after February 28, 2020. Current users of Exception® software may continue to use the program; however, the software may not be compatible with future upgrades to your computer’s disk operating system.

In response to customer requests and capitalizing on advancements in technology, T/IR Systems LLC – the parent company of Infraspection Institute – has developed TI Reporter™. TI Reporter™ is the world’s first cloud-based infrared reporting software that works with all thermal imagers. Designed by personnel from Infraspection Institute, TI Reporter™ is the perfect upgrade for users of Exception® software or thermographers seeking to cut their reporting time by up to 80%.

For a limited time, you may try TI Reporter™ for FREE by visiting www.TI-Reporter.com.

As thermography has matured, many facilities have become increasingly reliant on the data that result from infrared inspections. Thermographic data now is regularly used for Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, and Forensics.

Achieving maximum benefit from an infrared inspection program requires more than accurate data collection. Thermographers need to be able to manage infrared data and prepare inspection reports quickly and accurately.

Infraspection Institute’s Exception® Pro software is a unique approach to the challenge of managing your infrared inspection program data. Exception® Pro is a stand-alone software package that does not require the user to have additional applications to operate. Because it is a stand-alone package, it is not susceptible to the types of crashes associated with cross-linked software systems.

Designed by thermographers for thermographers, Exception® Pro software integrates easy-to-use report generation tools with a powerful database. Exception® Pro software is the only infrared inspection software that automatically generates standards-compliant reports using any infrared camera.

Key features of Exception® Pro software:

  • Quick and efficient
  • Compatible with all thermal imagers
  • Compliant with Infraspection Institute Standards and ASTM standards
  • Automatically calculates temperature limits for electrical & mechanical equipment
  • Uses route-based inventory system for data management
  • Economics and trending modules included
  • Compatible with network environments

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