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IPI Learning Expands Training Schedule for Asia-Pacific Region

Mitcham, Australia July 20, 2015 – IPI Learning has added several new locations within the Asia-Pacific region to their infrared training schedule. Beginning August 31, the Infraspection Institute Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer® course will be available in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Fiji.
Brenton WardBrenton Ward, IPI’s principal trainer, had this to say: “For many years we’ve provided product training throughout Asia; however, our formal certification courses bring an entirely different learning approach to using equipment and implementing systems for improved reliability and system performance.”
Compliant with ISO and ASNT requirements, Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer® is a five-day course for the application of qualitative thermal imaging for P/PM, Condition Assessment, Condition Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Forensic Investigations, and Building Sciences. Taught by highly-experienced Level III certified thermographers, this course covers infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, standards compliance, image analysis, and report generation.
Students are trained to identify and document thermal patterns caused by improper design, workmanship or material failure. Specific applications include: electrical distribution systems, mechanical systems, steam systems, refractory systems, underground piping, active thermography, building envelopes, and flat roofs.

Describing the chief benefits of IPI’s training, Mr. Ward noted:

“Our courses are not limited to equipment operation. We provide independent and unbiased information and teach students how to successfully apply thermography in real world settings. Our students learn how to collect and present information that will provide the foundation for improving plant profitability and mitigating risks.”

He concluded by saying, “Thermography is the cornerstone of a predictive maintenance program. We look forward to providing students with practical, hands-on training in all aspects of thermography.”

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