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Wayne Swirnow

Infrared Imaging Services LLC


  • Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer Level I, II & III #7623
  • Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer®

United Infrared – Infrared application training in the following disciplines:

  • Electrical Inspection – Infrared inspection of power and distribution systems
  • Roof Inspection – Infrared inspection of roofing systems for trapped moisture
  • Structural Inspection – Infrared inspections of CMU block wall for missing/misplaced grout
  • Data Center Inspection – Infrared inspection to locate over/under cooling of server racks in aisles and power distribution systems
  • Building Envelope Inspection – Infrared inspection of building envelopes for insulation deficiencies, air infiltration/exfiltration and moisture issues.
  • Mechanical – Thermographic inspection of rotating equipment for excess heat buildup due to wear, alignment, lubrication and belt tension issues.

Professional Memberships:

Certified Infrared Thermographers Association (CITA)

Types of Infrared Inspections Performed:

Electrical – Detection/location of hot spots, overloads and opens in main power systems, distribution boards, circuit breaker panels and switches

Steam Pipe – Detection of leaks in subsurface steam pipes and condensate lines. Location of steam pipes in walls and floors.

Radiant Heating – Detection/location of leaks in hot water radiant heating system and opens/shorts in electric radiant heating systems. Identification of faulty control systems and valves.

Roof Moisture/ EIFS – Detection of trapped moisture in building roofing systems and EIFS clad structures.

Structural Inspection – Detection of missing and misplaced grout in concrete masonry wall structures and other mass density related inspections.

Data Center Inspections – Identify areas of over and undercooling of server racks, isles and general cooling distribution issues. Thermographic inspection of Data Center power distribution and delivery systems for hot spots and overloads. Inspection of systems and cabling during Datacenter backup generator load testing.

Building Envelope – Thermographic inspection of building envelopes for missing, misapplied or degraded insulation, moisture intrusion and air infiltration/exfiltration.

Mechanical Infrared Inspections – Detection of excess heat in mechanical rotating equipment due to wear, excess friction, lubrication, alignment and tensioning issues.

Solar Panel Inspections – Detection of hot, defective PV cells in panels and hot converter boxes, open and shorts in connecting wiring and electrical distribution systems.

Other passive and active thermographic applications related to the temperature distribution across a target’s surface as a function of density and/or conductivity.

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Infrared Imaging Services LLC provides infrared inspections in New York, New York City, Albany capitol area, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Infraspection Institute Level 3 Certificate W Swirnow.pdf

Wayne Swirnow is president of Infrared Imaging Services LLC, a commercial infrared inspection company located near the New York City tri-state area. He is a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® and an Infraspection Master Thermographer®. A thermographer since 2008, Wayne is one of the staff instructors at the Infraspection Institute, where he teaches Level I and Level II Infrared Certification classes. He has also conducted training classes on site at companies across the country. In addition, Wayne has attended many United Infrared application-based training courses. These courses are hands on, application specific training classes designed to build on the foundation of the Certification Course, through the addition of intensive fieldwork and topic expert lectures.

Wayne’s background is in Test & Measurement instrumentation, where he worked 28 years at LeCroy Corporation in production, engineering, sales and management supplying instrumentation to customers requiring precise measurements of their materials. He has extensive experience with electronic measurement equipment and analysis of the output data. This background in measurement instrumentation makes him uniquely qualified to understand the intrinsic operation of a thermal imager and to interpret the thermograms produced relative to the target application. Wayne applies his instrumentation background to the infrared space and is a regular presenter at the IR/INFO and United Infrared conferences. His presentations typically explore the technical theory behind a popular infrared application by explaining to the audience how it works, why it works that way, and why it looks like it does in their imager screen. Wayne always has time to speak with other Thermographers about infrared and to answer their technical questions about imagers.

Master Thermographer Certification Valid Through:
January 2025